David Cleary

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Applied research is, by necessity, a distributed, collaborative process. To be useful, research methodologies must not only be applicable in such an environment, but must also be adaptive to the needs of human resources and specific research area requirements. This paper introduces eXtreme Researching (XR), an adaptation of eXtreme Programming (XP) by(More)
The Classloader has long been one of the key extensibility points of the Java Virtual Machine architecture. It lies at the heart of many of the distributed mechanisms that have made the Java platform so successful. In this paper we give a brief overview of various distributed system technologies and analyze their applicability within a Peer-to-Peer domain.(More)
Finding knowledge from vast quantities of data is a difficult task, made simpler by visually representing this information. The Internet can be considered a vast (global) database, but whose unstructured format frequently leads to a feeling of being " lost in hyperspace ". Visualising this structure can make browsing a more productive endeavour. In this(More)
The objective was to develop a simple, rapid, and low-cost method for evaluating proposed new total knee arthroplasty (TKA) models and then to evaluate 3 different TKA models with different kinematic characteristics. A "desktop" knee testing rig was used to apply forces and moments over a full flexion range, representing a spectrum of positions and(More)