David Cieslak

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We conducted a cytogenetic study of bovine parthenotes derived from oocytes matured and cultured in vitro. In vitro maturation was carried out by culturing follicular oocytes for 24 h in TCM199 supplemented with estrous cow serum (ECS) and hormones at 39 degrees C in 5% CO2. Matured oocytes were incubated for 20 h in sperm TALP without the addition of(More)
Supplementation of diets with free amino acids has not routinely been beneficial and poses a potential risk. Thus, mixing proteins to increase the quality of the dietary protein is attractive. The slope-ratio technique for evaluation of protein quality has serious drawbacks, because the growth response is not linear and animals appear to adapt to the diet(More)
The effect of 15% lipid addition to perinatal sow's diet on piglet survival and performance was investigated with 85 litters over four farrowing seasons. Sows received either control or fat supplemented diets from d 109 of gestation through d 21 of lactation. Substitution of a casein-encapsulated white grease product for corn (i.e., an increase in diet fat(More)
Circadian patterns of plasma melatonin, FSH, LH, prolactin, and testosterone were studied in 10 healthy men, 20 men with oligozoospermia, and 8 men with azoospermia. Circadian rhythms were found in concentrations of melatonin and prolactin, with higher values at night in comparison with daytime levels. In patients with oligozoospermia and azoospermia an(More)
by Trevor M. Cickovski Morphogenesis governs the clustering and pattern formation of embryonic cells into bone and organs. Many of the patterning instabilities that result from cell interaction with membrane bound chemicals can be described by mathematical models. One such known model is the Cellular Potts Model, which has been incorporated into the(More)
Epidermal growth factor (EGF), a mitogenic peptide, is widely distributed within the brain and endocrine cells of the gastro-intestinal tract. Using EGF radioreceptor assay, the EGF level was measured in lumbar cerebrospinal fluid from five patients with amyotrophic lateral scerlosis (ALS) and seven patients with intervertebral disc disease as a control(More)
A threonine-deficient amino acid mixture was developed by decreasing the level of threonine in a well-balanced amino acid mixture while measuring the response in daily gain and protein retention in young growing rats. The diet that contained the highest level of threonine and yet permitted further responses in growth and protein retention was used to define(More)
The effect of lysine or threonine deficiency with or without excesses of all other amino acids was evaluated in a 21-d feeding study with male rats. Four amino acid mixtures were designed to be first limiting for the rat in lysine or threonine and contained either 0 or 50% excess of nonlimiting amino acids. These mixtures were incorporated into purified(More)