David Chunhu Li

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Broadband access networks provide high rate network connection to stationary users. The IEEE 802.16e is defined as a standardized technology that specifies wireless air interface between the fixed or mobile stations. Power saving has been an important challenge issue in mobile broadband wireless access networks because all mobile stations are operating with(More)
Electronic Paper (E-paper) is a new promising display technology which attracted great attentions in industry and academia recently. Existing mobile ad devices have disadvantages such as inflexibility of updating ad contents and timely reacting to different consumers and areas. In this paper, a novel application of Electronic Paper in mobile advertising(More)
Elastography plays a key role in characterizing soft media such as biological tissue. Although this technology has found widespread use in both clinical diagnostics and basic science research, nearly all methods require direct physical contact with the object of interest and can even be invasive. For a number of applications, such as diagnostic measurements(More)
This paper developed and evaluated a Lilliput Multimedia (LM) system to enhance students' learning motivation by bringing them personally onto the scene to explore the world without having to leave the classroom. The LM system integrates of digital multi-media exhibition content, remote-controlled toy cars, and toy models of the buildings to motivate the(More)