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Digital Signal Transmission
A thorough up-to-date foundation in the concepts of modern digital transmission for undergraduate study in telecommunications. Expand
Modelling applications of spreadsheets (in engineering)
The authors show that most commercially available spreadsheets are well provided with trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions, as well as with a range of arithmetic and logic operations for combining such functions. Expand
Introduction: The difference that makes a difference
This article introduces TripleC’s Special Issue on The Difference That Makes a Difference, containing papers arising from a workshop of the same name that ran in Milton Keynes in September 2011. Expand
Still a gendered technology? Issues in teaching information and communication technologies at the UK Open University
Over the last 5 years the Faculty of Technology of the UK Open University has redesigned most of its courses in the information and communication technologies. This paper reviews some of the issues,Expand
Information is provisional
A diagrammatic convention based on communications theory and making use of hierarchies of levels is found to provide a powerful means of conveying many of the aspects of the nature of information. Expand
Keeping ahead in ICT: A new approach to updating for final year undergraduates
The course T324 Keeping ahead in ICT is a 300 hour, level 3 (final year undergraduate), distance learning course offered by the UK Open University for the first time in February 2007. It is aimedExpand
Editorial: Living in a time of change
Cybernetics is a discipline of change and flow. Since the field coalesced and was given a name in the 1940s, it has been focused on the processes by which things move and adapt. So it is remarkableExpand