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Display ads proliferate on the web, but are they effective? Or are they irrelevant in light of all the other advertising that people see? We describe a way to answer these questions, quickly and accurately, without randomized experiments, surveys, focus groups or expert data analysts. Doubly robust estimation protects against the selection bias that is(More)
Automated Facial Expression Recognition (FER) has remained a challenging and interesting problem in computer vision. Despite efforts made in developing various methods for FER, existing approaches lack generalizability when applied to unseen images or those that are captured in wild setting (i.e. the results are not significant). Most of the existing(More)
In this research we examine how the number of organic clicks change when search ads are present and when search ad campaigns are turned off. We then develop a statistical model to estimate the fraction of total clicks that can be attributed to search advertising. A meta-analysis of several hundred of these studies reveals that over 89% of the ads clicks are(More)
Although object perception is typically associated with the parvocellular (P) pathway, a form of fast "gist" object perception may be due to activity in the magnocellular (M) pathway (Kveraga et al., 2007). Because the M-pathway is typically associated with action, we hypothesized that manipulations of action would influence speeded object perception. In(More)