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Rigorously evaluating and comparing traceability link generation techniques is a challenging task. In fact, traceability is still expensive to implement and it is therefore difficult to find a complete case study that includes both a rich set of artifacts and traceability links among them. Consequently, researchers usually have to create their own case(More)
This document summarizes the work of the Accelerator Working Group (AWG) of the International Scoping Study (ISS) of a Future Neutrino Factory and Superbeam Facility. The main goal of the activity was to reach consensus on a baseline design for a Neutrino Factory complex, including proton driver parameters, choice of target, front-end design, acceleration(More)
Querying geographical data on map applications running on touch devices is mainly performed by typing queries using virtual keyboards. Some of those devices are additionally equipped with styli to facilitate freehand sketching and an-notating. As shown by prior work, such hand-drawn sketches can also be used for intuitive and effective spatial querying of(More)
Computationally efficient procedures are described for the deconvolution of disoriented fiber diffraction data to the resolution limit of measurable intensity in the patterns. The methods can be applied to diffraction data from imperfectly parallel arrays of one-dimensionally periodic rods or two-dimensionally periodic sheets, randomly rotated about their(More)
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