David Cartes

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Liquid level control through regulation of mass flow rates is an important application in various areas of the power industry. Very often a PID controller is used for these applications. This paper compares a nonconventional PID controller and three different types of adaptive controller, a direct model reference adaptive controller (MRAC), an indirect MRAC(More)
-A framework for establishing neighborhood based Integrated Energy Systems, which are highly but not solely dependant on renewable energy is presented. Integrated energy systems is a whole system concept. It includes knowledge, design, analysis, construction, and long term utilization of a community’s electrical, mechanical, thermal, educational, and(More)
The ability of biological locomotors to rapidly and stably traverse unstructured environments has inspired the development of numerous legged robotic platforms. While strides have been made in negotiating terrains cluttered with obstacles, dealing with surface property variations has received less consideration. This work presents a leg stiffness control(More)
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