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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a genetic testing policy for HNF1A-, HNF4A-, and GCK-MODY in a hypothetical cohort of type 2 diabetic patients 25-40 years old with a MODY prevalence of 2%. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We used a simulation model of type 2 diabetes complications based on UK Prospective Diabetes Study data, modified to account(More)
Chromosome 6q24-related transient neo-natal diabetes (6q24-TND) is a rare form of diabetes caused by an overexpression of PLAGL1 and HYMAI (1). After remitting in infancy, diabetes recurs in most patients later in life. While the best treatment remains unknown, many patients are managed with insulin (1). We sought to characterize b-cell function and glucose(More)
Counterterrorism specialists and law enforcement agencies are interested in the long-term intent or plans of the terrorists and Organized Crime members that they oppose. They often get only sporadic, incomplete, or seemingly unrelated secondhand information upon which to base their reasoning.. Some aspects of terrorist behavior are quite repetitive and(More)
Introduction There are a variety of real-world domains where " analysis " of incrementally arriving perceptual input requires the simultaneous solution of a set of hard problems. We claim that basically the same set of interacting problems appears in each of these domains. While people can solve the problems in each of these domains, no automated system is(More)
Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is the most common cause of adult acquired flatfoot. Degenerative changes in this tendon, lead to pain and weakness and if not identified and treated will progress to deformity of the foot and degenerative changes in the surrounding joints. Patients will complain of medial foot pain, weakness, and a slowly progressive(More)
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