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Intracortical electrodes record neural signals directly from local populations of neurons in the brain, and conduct them to external electronics that control prosthetics. However, the relationship between electrode design, defined by shape, size and tethering; and long-term (chronic) stability of the neuron-electrode interface is poorly understood. Here, we(More)
T ypical back-of-the-chapter problems don't provide students with the context to make the problems motivating and to facilitate transfer (use of the knowledge in other situations). Authentic problems— problems that are real, that might arise in the student's life, or that are known to the student—have enormous potential for learning. Authentic problems(More)
The wide accessibility of the World Wide Web makes it a perfect base for developing computer science courseware modules. Since learning involves more than just receiving transmitted information, courseware must be interactive and encourage student engagement, which is a challenge on the Web architecture. This article describes an ongoing effort to develop(More)
While modulating neural activity through stimulation is an effective treatment for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease and essential tremor, an opportunity for improving neuromodulation therapy remains in automatically adjusting therapy to continuously optimize patient outcomes. Practical issues associated with achieving this include the(More)
Complex XML vocabulary definitions are often easier to comprehend and discuss with others when they are expressed graphically. Although existing tools for editing schemas provide some assistance in this regard (e.g., Extensibility XML Authority) they are generally limited to a strict hierarchical view of the vocabulary structure. More complex structures are(More)
Sampling of the full range of particle sizes was carried out on 16 processes in six different General Motors plants over a period of 2.5 years. This article deals with particle characterization from five of the processes that relate to machining, specifically, wet machining with water-based fluids from old and new technology processes, grinding with(More)
The increased need for interoperable electronic health records in health care organizations underscores the importance of standards. The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a long history of developing and adopting various types of health care data standards. The authors present in detail their experience in this domain. A formal organization within(More)