David Carfi

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In this paper we show how the study of asymmetric R&D alliances, that are those between young and small firms and large and MNEs firms for knowledge exploration and/or exploitation, requires the adoption of a coopetitive framework which consider both collaboration and competition. We draw upon the literature on asymmetric R&D collaboration and coopetition(More)
Horizontal supply chains is the term used when suppliers competing at a particular level of the chain form a coalition to benefit from their cooperation rather than the usual competitive strategies used by them to become part of the supply chain. Such horizontal cooperation among competitors is studied by Wood, using qualitative research methodology, based(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a methodology to stabilize the financial markets by adopting Game Theory, in particular, the Complete Study of a Differentiable Game and the new mathematical model of Coopetitive Game, proposed recently in the literature by D. Carf̀ı. Specifically, we will focus on two economic operators: a real economic subject and a(More)
This paper provides a coopetitive model for a global green economy taking into account the environmental sustainability. In particular we propose a differentiable coopetitive game G (in the sense recently introduced by D. Carf̀ı) to represent a basic green economy interaction among a country c and the rest of the world w. Our game G is a linear parametric(More)
In this paper we study a certain class of endomorphisms on the space of tempered distributions. More precisely, the core of the paper deals with endomorphisms, defined on the whole space of tempered distributions, for which there exists an S-basis of the space (see section 5) formed by their eigenvectors. We call these operators S-diagonalizable operators.(More)
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