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The Causal Effect of Education on Learning
This paper surveys the recent literature on the causal relationship between education and earnings. I focus on four areas of work: theoretical and econometric advances in modelling the causal effectExpand
Immigrant Inflows, Native Outflows, and the Local Labor Market Impacts of Higher Immigration
  • David Card
  • Economics
  • Journal of Labor Economics
  • 1 February 1997
This article uses 1990 census data to study the effects of immigrant inflows on occupation‐specific labor market outcomes. I find that intercity mobility rates of natives and earlier immigrants areExpand
Estimating the Return to Schooling: Progress on Some Persistent Econometric Problems
This paper reviews a set of recent studies that have attempted to measure the causal effect of education on labor market earnings by using institutional features of the supply side of the educationExpand
Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
On April 1, 1992 New Jersey's minimum wage increased from $4.25 to $5.05 per hour. To evaluate the impact of the law we surveyed 410 fast food restaurants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before andExpand
Using Geographic Variation in College Proximity to Estimate the Return to Schooling
A convincing analysis of the causal link between schooling and earnings requires an exogenous source of variation in education outcomes. This paper explores the use of college proximity as anExpand
Workplace Heterogeneity and the Rise of West German Wage Inequality
We study the role of establishment-specific wage premiums in generating recent increases in West German wage inequality. Models with additive fixed effects for workers and establishments are fit inExpand
The Impact of the Mariel Boatlift on the Miami Labor Market
Using data from the Current Population Survey, this paper describes the effect of the Mariel Boatlift of 1980 on the Miami labor market. The Mariel immigrants increased the Miami labor force by 7%,Expand
The Effects of Immigration on the Labor Market Outcomes of Less-skilled Natives
This paper examines the effects of immigration on the labor market outcomes of less-skilled natives. Working from a simple model of a local labor market, we show that the effects of immigration canExpand
Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage.
Preface ix CHAPTER 1 Introduction and Overview I CHAPTER 2 Employer Responses to the Minimum Wage: Evidence from the Fast-Food Industry 20 CHAPTER 3 Statewide Evidence on the Effect of the 1988Expand
Does School Quality Matter? Returns to Education and the Characteristics of Public Schools in the United States
This paper estimates the effects of school quality - - measured by the pupil-teacher ratio, the average term length, and the relative pay of teachers -- on the rate of return to education for menExpand