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Count Baldwin IV, Richard of Saint-Vanne and the Inception of Monastic Reform in Eleventh-Century Flanders
Le comte Baudouin IV fut un ferme partisan de la reforme monastique dans les Flandres sous la direction de Richard de Saint-Vanne. Le nombre de monasteres qu'il confia a Richard et a ses disciplesExpand
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St. Adelard and the Return of the Saturnia regna. A Note on the Transformation of a Hagiographical Tradition
Entre 1051 et 1055, un moine de l'abbaye de Corbie revisa la Vita S. Adelardi ecrite par Paschase Radbert (BHL 58); on lui doit une nouvelle Vie (BHL 60) et un recueil de Miracles (BHL 61) du saint.Expand
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The Apocalyptic Year 1000: Religious Expectation and Social Change, 950-1050
The essays in this book challenge prevailing views on the way in which apocalyptic concerns contributed to larger processes of social change at the first millennium. Several basic questions unify theExpand
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An Echo of Adso of Montier-en-Der in Herman of Tournai's Liber de Restauratione S. Martini Tornacensis
Despite its title, Herman of Tournai's Liber de restauratione s. Martini Tornacensis devotes a considerable amount of space to what is essentially a dynastic history of the county of Flanders. HermanExpand
Christian of Stavelot on Matthew 24:42, and the Tradition that the World Will End on a March 25th
Christian, a grammarian who wrote his commentary on Matthew as an introductory text in theology for the younger monks of the abbey of Stavelot-Malmedy around A.D. 865, suggested a particularlyExpand
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Eschatology and the sanctification of the Prince in twelfth-century flanders : the case of Walter of Thérouanne's Vita Karoli comitis Flandriae
L'A. se propose d'examiner une œuvre de Walter de Therouanne : la Vita Karoli comitis Flandriae (vie du compagnon Charles de Flandre). Il veut mettre en evidence la relation qui existe dans ce livreExpand
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