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The neurotransmitter phenotype of sympathetic neurons is specified by interactions with the surrounding embryonic tissues. Adrenergic differentiation is elicited early during development in the(More)
We report the three-dimensional structure of osteogenic protein 1 (OP-1, also known as bone morphogenetic protein 7) to 2.8-A resolution. OP-1 is a member of the transforming growth factor beta(More)
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation with autogenous bone has become a widely accepted procedure in implant dentistry. The use of osteoconductive bone substitutes in this indication is controversial,(More)
To investigate the long-term efficacy of irradiated recombinant human osteogenic protein 1 (hOP-1) in bone regeneration and morphogenesis, hOP-1 was combined with a bovine collagenous matrix carrier(More)
OP-1, also known as BMP-7, is a member of the TGF-beta superfamily of proteins and was originally identified on the basis of its ability to induce new bone formation in vivo. OP-1 mRNA is found in(More)