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Melioidosis, an infectious disease caused by the Gram-negative bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei, is now recognized as an important public health problem in Southeast Asia and tropical northern Australia. Although B. pseudomallei has been detected in various water and soil samples in southeast China, the enviromental distribution of B. pseudomallei in(More)
Dry winter eggs of Artemia salina were treated with a 30-60 mT inhomogeneous constant magnetic field for 113 h, and then carried by Chinese Satellite "8885" to its spaceflight for 8 days. Their early development rate and hatching ratio were observed on the 10th, 31st, 65th and 227th days after the accomplishment of the flight. Three main results were(More)
It is shown that when higher-shell admixtures are included for systems with two valence particles or holes, there are effects which are quite different from those for one-valence-nucleon systems. For example , for nuclei with one valence particle or hole, there is no first-order correction for the magnetic dipole moment or the Gamow-Teller transition(More)
Infrared frequency region of 2000-2600 cm(-1) (i.e., ca. 4-5 microm in wavelength) is a well-known open spectral window for peptides and proteins. In this work, six unnatural amino acids (unAAs) were designed to have characteristic absorption bands located in this region. Key chemical groups that served as side chains in these unAAs are C[triple bond]C,(More)
A simple two-level model is developed and used to test the properties of effective interactions for performing nuclear structure calculations in truncated model spaces. It is shown that the effective many-body interactions sensitively depend on the choice of the single-particle basis and they appear to be minimized when a self-consistent Hartree-Fock basis(More)
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