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This study has devoted much effort to developing an integrated model designed to predict and explain an individual's continued use of online services based on the concepts of the expectation dis-confirmation model and the theory of planned behavior. Empirical data was collected from a field survey of Cyber University System (CUS) users to verify the fit of(More)
Previous literature suggests that various factors play crucial roles in the adoption of an information system; however, there is little empirical research about the factors affecting adoption of data warehouse technology, particularly in a single information technology intensive industry. In this study, we used a survey to investigate the factors(More)
The healthcare industry is experiencing a major transformation towards e-healthcare, which delivers and enhances related information through the Internet among healthcare stakeholders and makes the electronic signature (e-signature) more and more important. This paper uses a mature framework, Technology–Organization–Environment (TEO), in information system(More)
Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) play a vital and pervasive role in Taiwan's economy. According to the 2002 annual white paper released by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), about 1.08 million of SMEs were established in Taiwan. SMEs shared nearly ninety-eight percent of all businesses in Taiwan. Due to its flexible, agile, and efficient(More)