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Noblis, a not-for-profit organization, has extensive experience in the development of knowledge management systems (KMSs), and has recently developed a KMS for the Department of Homeland Security to address a specific need in the chemical threat area. While this KMS does not include a risk assessment model, it possesses the attributes required for the(More)
The Internet tests focused on evaluating the feasibility of providing an Internet response mode to addresses sampled for the American Community Survey. The main objective of the tests was to determine the best way to present the Internet mode in the ACS mailings to maximize self-response. This report summarizes the results of the first ACS Internet Test(More)
Subject: Evaluating the Effects of a Multilingual Brochure in the American Community Survey Attached is the final report for the Evaluating the Effects of a Multilingual Brochure in the American Community Survey. This report summarizes the results from evaluating a new multilingual brochure in the American Community Survey. If you have any questions about(More)
Attached are the final results of an evaluation studying means-tested health insurance. This study examines the extent of an undercount of Medicaid participants and the subsequent impact on the percent uninsured in the 2006 ACS Content Test. The Medicaid Statistical Information System (MSIS) is an administrative database for the Medicaid program. The(More)
Evaluations of the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation (A.C.E.) of the U. S. Census 2000 uncovered several problems leading the Census Bureau to decide to use unadjusted population counts instead of ones incorporating the A.C.E. results. This paper reviews the evaluation results, the design problems encountered, and our plans to produce revised estimates of(More)
Attached is the American Community Survey Research and Evaluation report " Design of the American Community Survey Internet Instrument. " This report details the design considerations in developing the American Community Survey Internet instrument used in both 2011 American Community Survey Internet tests. This Internet instrument will also be used in(More)
The paper attached summarizes results of an ACS Research and Evaluation project with ID # 00780 concerning new filtering methods for medians and zero estimates. These results were presented at the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, BC Canada. The attached paper was submitted for publication in the proceedings. Abstract The American Community(More)