David C. Whitacre

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To better understand androgen action in normal prostate cells, we characterized the androgen growth response of an immortalized nontumorigenic rat prostate cell line called CA25 that had been stably transfected with androgen receptor (AR) cDNA. Surprisingly, we found that AR(+) CA25 cells grew slower in the presence of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), whereas the(More)
Based on the finding that some transcription factors contain multiple transcriptional regulatory activities, we constructed a panel of rat androgen receptor (AR) mutants containing small internal deletions and point mutations within the amino-terminal region of the receptor. Trans-activation assays in CV-1 cells using AR-responsive reporter genes were(More)
In order to design P. falciparum preerythrocytic vaccine candidates, a library of circumsporozoite (CS) T and B cell epitopes displayed on the woodchuck hepatitis virus core antigen (WHcAg) VLP platform was produced. To test the protective efficacy of the WHcAg-CS VLPs, hybrid CS P. berghei/P. falciparum (Pb/Pf) sporozoites were used to challenge immunized(More)
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