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BACKGROUND Prediction of negative postoperative outcomes after long-bone fracture treatment may help to optimize patient care. We recently completed the Study to Prospectively Evaluate Reamed Intramedullary Nails in Patients with Tibial Fractures (SPRINT), a large, multicenter trial of reamed and unreamed intramedullary nailing of tibial shaft fractures in(More)
BACKGROUND The advent of the eighty-hour workweek regulations generated a great deal of controversy over the potential loss of operative experience for general surgery and surgical specialty residents. We believed an investigation to review the operative experience of orthopaedic surgery residents before and after the adoption of the Accreditation Council(More)
Traditionally, there has been no readily available and statistically sound method for evaluating the normal pubic symphyseal width in children. Normal values for the width of the pubic symphysis in the pediatric population are useful for determining pathologic widening, either congenital or posttraumatic. This investigation was directed at determining a(More)
We systematically reviewed the peer-reviewed literature to determine a pooled estimate of the incidence of pseudotumor and acute lymphocytic vasculitis associated lesions (ALVAL) in adult patients with primary metal-on-metal (MoM) total hip arthroplasty or resurfacing. Fourteen eligible articles were identified, with a total of 13,898 MoM hips. The(More)
In the course of ilioinguinal exposure, significant bleeding can occur from anastomotic vascular channels along the posterior aspect of the superior public ramus. A cadaveric study was undertaken to quantify and qualify these communicating vascular systems. We made bilateral ilioinguinal exposures on 40 cadavers. All vessels > 2 mm in diameter, connecting(More)
The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was partially destroyed by a terrorist bomb on April 19, 1995. Injuries were sustained by 759 people, 168 of whom died. Fatalities occurred primarily among victims in the collapse zone of the federal building. Only 83 survivors required hospitalization. Twenty-two surviving victims sustained multiple(More)
A retrospective study of 27 pediatric patients with femoral shaft fractures treated by external fixation was made to identify complications and evaluate outcomes. The average age at the time of injury was 8 years, 9 months (range 5 years, 6 months to 13 years, 2 months). Sixteen fractures were isolated, and nine were associated with polytrauma. There was(More)
Removal of the whole meniscus from the knee has been shown to be associated with a high incidence of degenerative change. The degeneration is proportional to the amount of meniscus removed. After meniscal injury, retention of the meniscus in part (partial meniscectomy) or in whole (meniscal suture) is preferable. Replacement of a previously removed meniscus(More)