David C. Stanley

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Rhodococcus rhodochrous strain IGTS8 metabolizes dibenzothiophene, a model compound for organic sulfur in fossil fuels, in a sulfur-specific manner. Two routes of desulfurization have been identified. Under growth conditions, the intermediates are dibenzothiophene sulfoxide, dibenzothiophene sulfone, 2'-hydroxybiphenyl-2-sulfonate, and(More)
From a soil isolate, Pseudomonas strain C18, we cloned and sequenced a 9.8-kb DNA fragment that encodes dibenzothiophene-degrading enzymes. Nine open reading frames were identified and designated doxABDEFGHIJ. Collectively, we refer to these genes as the DOX pathway. At the nucleotide level, doxABD are identical to the ndoABC genes that encode naphthalene(More)
bines a 2-gigabyte-per-second (GB/s) multiprocessor bus with the latest Alpha 21164 64-bit microprocessor. Between October and December 1995, an AlphaServer 8400 multiprocessor system running the 64-bit Digital UNIX operating system achieved unprecedented results on the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-C benchmark, surpassing all other(More)
The growing miniaturization demand of magnetic devices is fuelling the recent interest in bi-magnetic nanoparticles as ultimate small components. One of the main goals has been to reproduce practical magnetic properties observed so far in layered systems. In this context, although useful effects such as exchange bias or spring magnets have been demonstrated(More)
Three patients with clinical features of pulmonary embolism were evaluated by chest roentgenograms, perfusion lung scanning, and pulmonary arteriography. All of them had hilar and/or mediastinal masses which were obvious in one patient, subtle in another, and not discernible in the third. The three patients had abnormalities on lung scans, including(More)
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