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During the inflammatory response that drives atherogenesis, macrophages accumulate progressively in the expanding arterial wall. The observation that circulating monocytes give rise to lesional macrophages has reinforced the concept that monocyte infiltration dictates macrophage buildup. Recent work has indicated, however, that macrophage accumulation does(More)
The assumption that the transmission of social behaviors and political preferences is purely cultural has been challenged repeatedly over the last 40 years by the combined evidence of large studies of adult twins and their relatives, adoption studies, and twins reared apart. Variance components and path modeling analyses using data from extended families(More)
Mega- or meta-analytic studies (e.g. genome-wide association studies) are increasingly used in behavior genetics. An issue in such studies is that phenotypes are often measured by different instruments across study cohorts, requiring harmonization of measures so that more powerful fixed effect meta-analyses can be employed. Within the Genetics of(More)
This review aims to familiarize the radiologist with the common types of sinus surgery including their indications and techniques. We also illustrate how surgeons interpret 3D sinus anatomy when evaluating computed tomography (CT) studies. Preoperative evaluation by CT is mandatory for all patients undergoing functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). In(More)
Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) and primary headache syndromes are common disease entities and headache and facial pain are common reasons for referral to otolaryngology units. Because of an association of nasal symptoms with primary headache syndromes and considerable similarities in their clinical presentations, primary headache syndromes may be misdiagnosed(More)
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