David C. Rine

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As changes are made to an object-oriented design, its structure and/or behavior may be affected. Modifications made to one class can have ripple effects on other classes in the design. The stability of an objectoriented design indicates its resistance to interclass propagation of changes that the design would have when it is modified. There are two aspects(More)
The problem researched is that there presently does not exist a set of success factors which are common across organizations and have some predictability relationship to software reuse. For completeness, this research also investigated possible predictive relationships between software reuse and both productivity and quality. A 1995 survey was conducted to(More)
Many software development organizations support reuse by moving towards assembling software products using multiuse components that can fit a wide range of products and environments. In order to support the design and integration of multi-use components we are presenting the usage of component interaction adapters. Adapters are used to encapsulate,(More)
One of the challenging research problems in validating a software engineering methodology (SEM), and a part of its validation process, is to answer “How to fairly collect, present and analyze the data?”. This problem adds complexity, in general, when the SEM involves the use of human knowledge in its methods (phases). How should such created knowledge be(More)
This paper empirically explores the correlations between a suite of structural stability metrics for object-oriented designs and post-release defect density. The investigated stability metrics measure the extent to which the structure of a design is preserved throughout the evolution of the software from one release to the next. As a case study, thirteen(More)
The structural stability of an object-oriented design (OOD) refers to the extent to which the structure of the design is preserved throughout the evolution of the software from one release to the next. This paper empirically investigates potential indicators of measures of structural stability of OODs. Both product-related and process-related indicators are(More)
This paper presents a method for designing a reusable software controller architecture. The proposed controller architecture is designed for a specific domain of controllers (e.g. zero order, first order, second order ..... nth), and it can be reused to develop a specific controller within this specific domain. The basic idea of this reusable controller(More)