David C Ries

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OBJECTIVE To study the effect of fluoride prophylactic agents on the loading and unloading mechanical properties and surface quality of beta titanium and stainless steel orthodontic wires. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rectangular beta titanium and stainless steel wires were immersed in either an acidulated fluoride agent, a neutral fluoride agent, or distilled(More)
High light tolerance of microalgae is a desired phenotype for efficient cultivation in large scale production systems under fluctuating outdoor conditions. Outdoor cultivation requires the use of either wild-type or non-GMO derived mutant strains due to safety concerns. The identification and molecular characterization of such mutants derived from untagged(More)
Infrequent causes of right lower quadrant pain that mimic acute appendicitis include infarcted epiploic appendages. Although usually located in the colon, we report the very rare case of an infarcted epiploic appendage located directly on the serosal surface of the appendix itself. In a patient with right lower quadrant pain, the diagnosis of infarcted(More)
The combination of bulk segregant analysis (BSA) and next generation sequencing (NGS), also known as mapping by sequencing (MBS), has been shown to significantly accelerate the identification of causal mutations for species with a reference genome sequence. The usual approach is to cross homozygous parents that differ for the monogenic trait to address, to(More)
Medicinal leeches (Hirudo spp.) swim using a metachronal, front-to-back undulation. The behavior is generated by central pattern generators (CPGs) distributed along the animal's midbody ganglia and is coordinated by both central and peripheral mechanisms. Here we report that a component of the venom of Conus imperialis, α-conotoxin ImI, known to block(More)
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