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We propose applying the multiparametric spatiotemporal autoregressive (m-STAR) model as a simple approach to estimating jointly the pattern of connectivity and the strength of contagion by that pattern, including the case where connectivity is endogenous to the dependent variable (selection). We emphasize substantively-theoretically guided (i.e.,(More)
Modulo " Simulazione molecolari di sistemi biologici " (INT. P02.001.001) " Protein and lipid interactions driving molecular mechanisms of in meso crystallization " " Identification of a new scaffold for Hsp90 C‐terminal inhibition " ACS Med. " Exploiting conformational dynamics in drug discovery: design of C‐terminal inhibitors of Hsp90 with improved(More)
This research approaches the issue of G2G digitization using an integrated policy dynamics model. The essence of the contradictions in the G2G integration discourse is followed by a description of two policy paradigms that are then incorporated into an integrated or synthetic framework to evaluate the specifics of the G2G implementation in DHS and HUD.(More)
INTRODUCTION We studied the hippocampal region using Fluid Attenuation Inversion Recovery (Turbo-FLAIR) sequences to detect signal intensity abnormalities, and volumetric sequences to detect cortical thickness changes, in patients with drug-resistant temporal epilepsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined 30 patients with drug-resistant temporal epilepsy(More)
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