David C. Povey

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The Research, Development and Statistics Directorate exists to improve policy making, decision taking and practice in support of the Home Office purpose and aims, to provide the public and Parliament with information necessar y for informed debate and to publish information for future use. Introduction • Statistics on Arrests and PACE in this bulletin are(More)
The trend in overall crime continues to be flat up to September 2002. This is little different from the picture in the year up to March 2002, published in July. Recorded robbery fell by an estimated ten per cent in July-September 2002 compared with the previous year. This is broadly consistent with the recently published results from the Governmentís Street(More)
You may re-use this information (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence. To view this licence, visit Introduction • Statistics on Arrests and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) in this bulletin are presented on a financial year basis. All statistics on fixed penalty notices,(More)
Recently published X-ray structures of three common forms, A, B and C, of oligomycin, including absolute configurations, are investigated to examine their binding to ATP Synthase. The X-ray studies reveal regions with differences in three-dimensional structure and hydrogen bonding propensity between the oligomycins, which may be associated with their(More)
OBJECTIVE It is posited that the effect of depression on BMD is dependent on the severity of depression. Conflicting evidence exists regarding this possible association. This study investigated the association between depression and low bone mineral density (BMD). METHODS The hypothesis was investigated in a random sample of volunteers (n=40) and in(More)
Recently published detailed X-ray structures of the three common forms, A, B and C, of Oligomycin, including absolute configurations, have been employed in order to investigate their binding to ATP synthase. The X-ray studies revealed regions with differences in three-dimensional structure and hydrogen bonding propensity between the Oligomycins, which may(More)
This article describes the objectives and rationale of the degree course in Computer-Aided Chemistry at the University of Surrey. The course, which is the first of its kind, represents a sharp break with the past in that industry was intimately involved in the early stages of the planning as well as providing subsequent support; furthermore, much of the(More)
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