David C Korts

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We compared the efficacy, safety, an tolerability of pramipexole, an aminobenzathiazol-derived dopamine agonist with novel properties, with those of placebo in advanced PD patients with motor fluctuations under levodopa treatment. Pramipexole improved motor function of patients during "on" and "off" periods, decreased the time spent in "off" periods,(More)
Paregoric and phenobarbital, administered randomly in 153 passively addicted neonates, initially appeared to control neonatal abstinence signs equally well. However, seven of the 62 phenobarbital-treated newborns had abstinence-associated seizures within the first month of life, while none of 49 paregoric-treated neonates had seizures. Forty-two neonates(More)
The effect of alcoholism on indices of productive activity was determined in a prospective, randomized, and controlled study of alcoholism in narcotic addicts undergoing methadone maintenance (MM) therapy. Indices of productive activity included: percentage of persons engaged in productive activities; number of days worked per quarter; number of arrests per(More)
Until a few years ago, the results of most surveys of the prevalence of dental caries among school-age children in the United States, particularly those done in the south, showed that black children had a lower prevalence of dental caries than did white children who lived in the same community.4-6,11,16,19,20-23,25 However, in several recent surveys, the(More)
A randomized controlled trial of 625 addicts on methadone maintenance identified 105 (17 percent) as active alcoholics, 47 (8 percent) as inactive alcoholics, and 473 (75 percent) as nonalcoholics. Subjects were followed for up to 29 months (mean 53.7 weeks) to assess the influence of alcoholism on the rehabilitative process. During the study, alcohol(More)
Alcohol use among methadone maintenance treatment program (MMTP) patients is substantial and a frequent impression is that addicts accelerate their consumption once in MMTP. This study reports an attempt to more clearly define alcohol consumption in opioid dependence as well as changes associated with methadone maintenance therapy. Two-day alcohol(More)
Mean red cell volume, mean red cell hemoglobin, and mean red cell hemoglobin concentration were measured in a prospective, longitudinal, single-bind study of alcoholism and its treatment in 625 patients receiving methadone. Mean red cell volume and mean red cell hemoglobin were significantly elevated in alcoholic as compared with nonalcoholic patients (p(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the tolerability and clinical effectiveness of intranasal ipratropium bromide for the treatment of symptoms of common colds. DESIGN Multicenter, double-blind, randomized trial. SETTING 3 university student health services. PATIENTS 411 previously healthy persons 14 to 56 years of age who had cold symptoms that had lasted for no(More)
Liver Function Test (LFT) abnormalities are frequently observed in narcotic addicts. However, the role of alcohol in producing such changes remains unclear. In order to evaluate the effects of alcohol in producing LFT elevations as well as the use of routine LFTs to serve as biochemical markers for alcoholism in narcotic addicts, 612 addicts participating(More)