David C. Hanna

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We propose and theoretically analyze three-level cladding-pumped fiber lasers in which the laser-active dopant is placed in a ring around a single-mode core. A ring-doped laser can work efficiently at wavelengths with strong small-signal absorption. This is otherwise difficult in a cladding-pumped fiber. Moreover, ring doping makes the laser less sensitive(More)
A retrospective review of 36 cases of lymphoma presenting as a salivary gland mass was conducted over a 34-year period. A significant increase in the occurrence of lymphoma was noted in proportion to other salivary gland tumors (P less than 0.01, chi 2 analysis: 1954-1972, 11 of 714 (1.5%); 1973-1979, 9 of 201 (4.5%); 1980-1987, 16 of 265 (6.0%). The mean(More)
A retrospective study is presented comparing the results of 462 frozen-section analyses of surgically extirpated salivary gland tumors with the permanent-section results. The overall agreement between frozen- and permanent-section analyses was 95.7%. A separate review of the last 47 months of this 32-year study revealed an accuracy rate of 98.8%.(More)
The authors present 2 cases of carcinoma primary in Stensen's duct, one a mucoepidermoid carcinoma and the other an adenoid cystic carcinoma. This is an unusual site for a primary carcinoma and these are apparently the thirteenth and fourteenth cases to be reported in the English literature. The authors review the diagnosis and treatment for primary(More)
The defect resulting from partial or complete maxillectomy can often be reconstructed with a skin graft and a prosthesis. In situations where this simple maneuver is unsatisfactory, a more complex reconstructive modality, providing the restoration of composite tissue, is required. The scapular microvascular-free flap was used in this series of 11 patients,(More)