David C. Hall

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BACKGROUND The safety and efficacy of early, low-dose, prolonged therapy with inhaled nitric oxide in premature newborns with respiratory failure are uncertain. METHODS We performed a multicenter, randomized trial involving 793 newborns who were 34 weeks of gestational age or less and had respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Newborns were(More)
An unusual case is presented of a psychotic young man who experienced command auditory hallucinations which directed him to amputate his right hand and distal penis to atone for a "terrible sexual transgression." The existing literature on genital self-mutilation is reviewed as well as some recent work on factors that might be used to predict an episode of(More)
A computer software package was developed for the planning and execution of brain biopsy and radioactive implant procedures with the BRW Stereotaxic System. With the application of computer graphics and a zero-one integer variable programming algorithm, an implant plan with accompanying isodose distributions and stereotactic coordinates can be easily(More)
Newly emerging infectious diseases (nEIDs) have increased rapidly presenting alarming challenges to global health. We argue that for effective management of global health a basic strategy should include at least three essential tactical forms: actions of a directly focused nature, institutional coordination, and disciplinary integration in approaches to(More)
A 14-year-old girl developed a brief paranoid psychosis followed by DST-positive catatonia. Four months after full recovery, she experienced a manic episode. The application of the DST as both a diagnostic and treatment monitoring tool is discussed and a strategy is outlined for treating adolescents presenting with catatonia.
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