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BACKGROUND The safety and efficacy of early, low-dose, prolonged therapy with inhaled nitric oxide in premature newborns with respiratory failure are uncertain. METHODS We performed a multicenter, randomized trial involving 793 newborns who were 34 weeks of gestational age or less and had respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Newborns were(More)
Primary central nervous system tumors with signet-ring morphology are exceedingly rare. We report an unusual case of glioblastoma with signet-ring cell features in an 81-year-old woman. Microscopic examination revealed a highly anaplastic tumor, with a prominent proportion of tumor cells exhibiting signet-ring appearance characterized by classic round(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the effect of breast examination training with silicone models on the detection of lesions in natural breast tissue. Six women with a total of 13 benign breast lumps were examined by 20 trainees before and after a 20--30 minute training session or a period of unrelated activity. Following the training, percentage of(More)
Newly emerging infectious diseases (nEIDs) have increased rapidly presenting alarming challenges to global health. We argue that for effective management of global health a basic strategy should include at least three essential tactical forms: actions of a directly focused nature, institutional coordination, and disciplinary integration in approaches to(More)
Title Core and overlapping knowledge, cross-functional integration, and process performance: An empirical study of the buyer-product engineer dyad Abstract Despite the prominence that knowledge management theory holds within extant studies of operations and supply chain management, the role of knowledge within the concurrent execution of linked direct(More)
The Western Pacific Region, the most populous of six regional groupings of World Health Organization (WHO) member states, has seen the emergence of a series of novel zoonotic infections in the last decade. This has focused attention on addressing underlying risks and vulnerabilities in the complex interactions among people, animals, and environments as a(More)