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BACKGROUND The potential for transmission of blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis B virus from infected healthcare workers to patients is an important and difficult issue facing healthcare policymakers internationally. Law and policy on the subject is still in its infancy, and subject to a great degree of uncertainty and controversy. Policymakers have(More)
It should be apparent that the accepted paradigm of medical care as high-technology intervention in individual cases is inappropriate for each of the three major causes of mortality and morbidity. Much more can be achieved in lowering the infant mortality and morbidity rate by education and welfare strategies. Accidents and suicides can only be decreased by(More)
IT HAS BEEN SHOWN THAT PROPERLY conducted interviews in sensitive clinical contexts are negligibly stressful. The present study sought to extend these results and determine the perception of stress by research participants in nonclinical settings. Students enrolled in first year psychology courses typically have the option to receive class credit for(More)
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