David C. Chapman

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Differential scanning calorimetry studies of dipalmitoyl lecithin show two reversible transitions as the temperature is changed between 20 and 50 degrees C. A pretransition endotherm occurs at 35 degrees C prior to the main chain melting endotherm which occurs at 42 degrees C. X-ray diffraction studies show that below 33 degrees C the chains of the lecithin(More)
The expression of proteins using recombinant baculoviruses is a mature and widely used technology. However, some aspects of the technology continue to detract from high throughput use and the basis of the final observed expression level is poorly understood. Here, we describe the design and use of a set of vectors developed around a unified cloning strategy(More)
Based upon morphological characters, Silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix and bighead carp Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (or Aristichthys nobilis) have been classified into either the same genus or two distinct genera. Consequently, the taxonomic relationship of the two species at the generic level remains equivocal. This issue is addressed by sequencing(More)
In this work, we modified our wafer-scale 3D integration technique, originally developed for Si, to hybridize InP-based image sensor arrays with Si readout circuits. InGaAs image arrays based on the InGaAs layer grown on InP substrates were fabricated in the same processing line as silicon-on-insulator (SOI) readout circuits. The finished 150-mm-diameter(More)
Islet encapsulation offers an immune system barrier for islet transplantation, and encapsulation within an alginate sheetlike structure offers the ability to be retrievable after transplanted. This study aims to show that human islets encapsulated into islet sheets remain functional and viable after 8 weeks in culture or when transplanted into the(More)
We develop estimates of the economic effects of sea level rise on marine recreational shore fishing in North Carolina. We estimate the relationship between angler behavior and spatial differences in beach width using the Marine Recreational Fishing Statistics Survey and geospatial data. We exploit the empirical relationship between beach width and site(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic shortage of quality human cadaveric pancreata limits islet transplantation. Porcine islet xenotransplantation is being explored to increase the donor pool. For clinical-ready islets, centralized animal husbandry, Current Good Manufacturing Practice-regulated processing facilities, and organ transportation support are required. Amount of(More)
We develop estimates of the economic effects of climate change-induced sea level rise on recreation at seventeen southern North Carolina beaches. We estimate the relationship between recreation behavior and beach width and simulate the effects of sea level rise on recreation site choice and trip frequency. We find that reductions in beach width due to(More)