David C. Cameron

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We present 10 cases of intramural aortic dissection. The cases are all characterized by the presence of intramural haematoma without the presence of a patent false lumen. The radiological features and possible aetiologies are discussed. The key radiological finding is the presence of a hyperdense rim in the aortic wall on a non-contrast-enhanced computed(More)
The "Carpentier" thoracic aortic bypass procedure is a recently described and, until now, little used surgical technique for the treatment of descending thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections. It involves the placement of a large conduit from the ascending aorta to the distal abdominal aorta through a midline sternotomy incision extended to the umbilicus(More)
Tenting of the diaphragm (Katten's sign) is a common finding in upper lobe collapse or where there is loss of volume. Twenty-nine patients have been studied, 12 of these prospectively following upper lobectomy. Division of the inferior pulmonary ligament was carried out in these 12 patients. The computed tomography findings confirm that this sign is due to(More)
• A submitted manuscript is the author's version of the article upon submission and before peer-review. There can be important differences between the submitted version and the official published version of record. People interested in the research are advised to contact the author for the final version of the publication, or visit the DOI to the(More)
A patient on long term haemodialysis for analgesic nephropathy, with known teriary hyperparathyroidism developed a rapidly evolving, erosive, non-infective spondylo-arthropathy at two vertebral levels. In addition, erosions were noted adjacent to the right sacroiliac joint. Subsequent postmortem material from the affected vertebral levels demonstrated(More)