David C Beffa

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Environmental chemicals with estrogenic activities have been suggested to be associated with deleterious effects in animals and humans. To characterize estrogenic chemicals and their mechanisms of action, we established in vitro and cell culture assays that detect human estrogen receptor [alpha] (hER[alpha])-mediated estrogenicity. First, we assayed(More)
Infection is the most common and most serious complication of a major burn related to burn size. Recent studies have demonstrated that statin treatment can decrease mortality in murine or human sepsis. In the current study mice were anesthetized and subjected to a dorsal 30% TBSA scald burn. Simvastatin or placebo were administered by intraperitoneal(More)
A rapid method for measuring 3-methylhistidine (3MH) in rat and human urine with higher sensitivity and precision than any previously reported method is described using internal standard [1-(13)C]3MH (M+1) and negative chemical ionization (NCI) gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Internal standard [1-(13)C]3MH (M+1) was added to rat and human(More)
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