David C. Becerra

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A protocol for in vitro shoot regeneration from leaf discs of Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa is described. The effect of explant source on morphogenesis was studied by comparing the response of explants collected from young plants, in vitro plantlets, and reinvigorated adult plants. Highest de novo shoot production was observed in explants from 2-month-old(More)
This article examined the impact of linguistic acculturation and gender on the substance use initiation of a sample of 1,473 Mexican heritage preadolescents attending 30 public schools in Phoenix, Arizona. It was hypothesized that linguistic acculturation operates differently as a risk or protective factor for young children than for older youth. The study(More)
Pancreatic fistula remains the primary source of morbidity following distal pancreatectomy. Previous studies have reported specific methods of parenchymal transection/stump sealing in an effort to decrease the pancreatic fistula rate with highly variable results. The aim of this study was to determine postoperative outcomes following various pancreatic(More)
This study tested for gender differences in the impact of linguistic acculturation on pro-drug norms, substance use intentions, and actual substance use among youth of Mexican heritage in a large metropolitan area in the Southwest United States. The authors analyzed baseline survey data provided by 2,487 middle school students of Mexican heritage who were(More)
This study tests the applicability among adolescents in Mexico of the keepin' it REAL (refuse, explain, avoid, and leave) strategies that are common and effective ways that U.S. youth resist substance use. Following a social learning, communication competence and ecological theory integrated approach, the study draws on self-reported questionnaire data from(More)
Prior research shows parental monitoring is associated with less substance use, but these studies have some limitations. Many examine older adolescents from White, Euro-American heritage, and cross-sectional studies are unable to test if parental monitoring decreases substance use over time. We address these limitations with longitudinal data of 2,034(More)
This study examined drug resistance strategies and substance use among adolescents from Monterrey, Mexico. The focus was strategies that U.S. adolescents use most often to resist using substances, including refuse (saying no), explain (declining with an explanation), avoid (staying away from situations where drugs are offered), and leave (exiting situations(More)
Charles Abraham Edna Acosta Pérez Bob C. Addy Carolyn A. Agurcia-Parker SangNam Ahn Steven M. Albert Monika Arora Amelia M. Arria Gerald J. August Leslie M. Babinski Smita C. Banerjee Tracey E. Barnett Robynn Battle Elizabeth Baumler David Becerra François Beck Angela Begle David L. Bell Eric Benotsch Rony Berger Lyle Best Zulfiqar A. Bhutta Craig H.(More)
This study examined the relationship between acculturation and Latinos' perceptions of health care treatment quality, discrimination, and access to health information. The results of this study indicated that participants who had lower levels of acculturation perceived: 1) greater discrimination in health care treatment; 2) a lower quality of health care(More)