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Spousal bereavement in late life frequently leads to major depression. However, many people suffer from "minor" depressive symptoms that entail considerable suffering even in the absence of syndromal major depression. We describe longitudinal electroencephalographic (EEG) sleep and clinical evaluations in 14 elderly, recently spousally bereaved subjects who(More)
Adult roach Rutilus rutilus (L.) (N = 24; 19.9–36.1 cm FL) from three highly fragmented Belgian rivers were tagged with surgically implanted radio transmitters. Their seasonal movements were observed from March to August 2004 (circum reproduction period) in river stretches delimited by two physical barriers. In the three rivers, roach displayed similar(More)
This study (2002) documents on the inland penetration off diadromous fish species into the tidal and non-tidal part of the River Scheldt and on the impact of two lock-weir complexes. Long-term trends in oxic conditions show the river is undergoing a natural recovery process, nevertheless five of ten diadromous species recorded were still restricted to the(More)
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