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The progress of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy depends on our capacity to study, in a scientific manner, the process of therapy. Since a study of this kind involves charting the waxing and waning of something as elusive as the sense of personal existence, the task has, in the past, been seen as virtually impossible. However, words, or more particularly,(More)
Expanding the notion of explicit instruction: The potential of genre-based tasks Describing multilinguality: typology of processes of motion and (de)lexicalization Making sense – or nonsense – of " human nature "
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to review psychodynamic formulation with respect to the language used and the evidence it provides about variations of clinical purpose. METHOD The purpose of the psychodynamic formulation is considered in training and clinical contexts. Three formulations are presented: two written from alternative theoretical(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The editor is grateful to all those who have assisted in producing this first volume exploring Language Arts in Asian contexts. This work involves a constellation of skills, efforts and minds. I am grateful to my friends and colleagues in the Department of English at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for their experience and assistance in(More)
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