David Bush

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Increases in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) incidence and mortality rates during the past few decades remain largely unexplained. Studies suggest that organochlorine pesticides may contribute to an increased risk of NHL. In 1974, serum samples were obtained from 25,802 participants in the Campaign Against Cancer and Stroke in Washington County, Maryland(More)
This paper reports on a preliminary investigation into applying work on graphic animation of behavioral models to an air traffic control case studythe National Air Traffic Services (NATS) Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA) system that advises controllers of potential conflicts between aircraft in controlled airspace. Graphic animation permits a model to be(More)
This paper describes the application of requirements engineering concepts to support the analysis of the impact of new software systems on system-wide goals. Requirements on a new or revised software component of a socio-technical system not only have implications on the goals of the subsystem itself, but they also impact upon the goals of the existing(More)
ISSR characterization of Chukrasia populations from the natural range revealed two distinct groups of populations consonant with morphological differentiation. Results suggest the current taxonomic classification of the genus should be reviewed. There are different views as to whether the genus Chukrasia (Meliaceae) consists of one species, C. tabularis, or(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate different strategies for proton lung treatment planning based on four-dimensional CT (4DCT) scans. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twelve cases, involving only gross tumor volumes (GTV), were evaluated. Single image sets of (1) maximum intensity projection (MIP3) of end inhale (EI), middle exhale (ME) and end exhale (EE) images; (2) average(More)
BACKGROUND Exploiting biologic imaging, studies have been performed to boost dose to gross intraprostatic tumor volumes (GTV) while reducing dose elsewhere in the prostate. Interest in proton beams has increased due to superior normal-tissue sparing they afford. Our goal was to dosimetrically compare 3D conformal proton boost plans with intensity-modulated(More)
fundamentally changing the course of my life and teaching me everything I know about visualization, graphics, computer science research and THE FUTURE! It has been fun and I look forward to doing my PhD in the best possible place, the lack of oceans and illegality of 'on-top-of-Jeep' riding notwithstanding. and the rest of the computational biology team at(More)
Analysis of stem diameter, height and axis persistence (AP) in a first-generation Eucalyptus cladocalyx breeding population comprising 137 wild and land-race families planted at 11 sites in southern Australia revealed significant genetic variation among subpopulations and among families within subpopulations. Alternative analyses were carried out using(More)