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The Grid2003 Project has deployed a multivirtual organization, application-driven grid laboratory ("Grid3") that has sustained for several months the production-level services required by physics experiments of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (ATLAS and CMS), the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project, the gravitational wave search experiment LIGO, the BTeV(More)
A considerable portion of the abyssal floor of the western North Pacific was already receiving pelagic sediment in late Jurassic time. Carbonate sediments were later replaced by abyssal clays as the basin deepened and bottom waters became more aggressive. The resulting facies boundary, which can be recognized on seismic profiles, is broadly transgressive;(More)
In the present paper we investigate metrological characteristics of the most popular radiation dosimeters which have been appeared on the Japan Market after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster a great number of radiation detectors for the radiation protection from different manufacturers are available(More)
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