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Alterations occur within distal neuronal compartments, including axons and synapses, during the course of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease (PD). These changes could hold important implications for the functioning of neural networks, especially since research studies have shown a loss of dendritic spines locating to medium spiny(More)
Research can be a difficult area for the novice to break into. A number of different obstacles face the new researcher, starting with selecting a suitable supervisor, writing a workable protocol and obtaining permissions from all the relevant organisations. This beginner's guide walks the fledging researcher through the required steps, including formulating(More)
  • David Burn
  • Neurodegenerative disease management
  • 2015
Parkinson's UK, together with leading Parkinson's professionals, has set up the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network to bring together the passion and expertise of leading clinicians with the strategic leadership and resources of Parkinson's UK underpinned by the voice of people affected by Parkinson's. Launched in London in February 2015, the Excellence(More)
This paper presents a novel automatic recognition framework for hand-written mensural music. It takes a scanned manuscript as input and yields as output modern music scores. Compared to the previous mensural Optical Music Recognition (OMR) systems, ours shows not only promising performance in music recognition, but also works as a complete pipeline which(More)
Nitrous oxide is commonly used as an analgesic and anaesthetic agent. Nitrous oxide is also in use in industry as an aerosol propellant and is now recognised as a recreational drug whose use is growing, especially among the young. Nitrous oxide from whipped cream canisters is inhaled to produce a dissociative, intoxicated state. Nitrous oxide is known to(More)
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