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Penetrating cardiac injuries requires urgent management. Between September 1991 and June 1992, 10 patients with penetrating cardiac injuries sustained in war were treated at our hospital in Croatia, which does not have cardiopulmonary bypass facilities. Seven of these patients survived cardiorrhaphy and were discharged from the hospital, subject to(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have associated the catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) enzyme rs4680 polymorphism with opioid consumption in the treatment of chronic cancer pain. In this study, we evaluated the association between COMT rs4680 and rs4818 polymorphisms and opioid consumption in the acute postoperative period after a nephrectomy. METHODS Opioid(More)
Personality scores of Croatian men and women by age, occupation, education, satisfaction of life needs, and religion were examined. 842 men and 242 women whose mean age was 42 yr. (SD, 8) represented manual labor, clerical work, and management. Employees were administered the Emotions Profile Index and a test of Life Needs Satisfaction. The Croatian women(More)
Studies of the relationship of eight basic emotion dimensions according to Plutchik, life needs satisfaction and Type A behavior with plasma cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose concentrations, and body mass index (BMI) were performed in 137 healthy blue-collar workers. Plasma cholesterol correlated positively with emotion dimensions of destruction and(More)
We examined the prevalence of Type A behavior indicated on Bortner's scale and the Emotion Profiles of Plutchik in 190 patients, 134 men and 56 women (M age = 50 yr., SD = 9) with acute coronary heart disease at hospital admission and discharge. Type A classification was significantly more common for patients with acute coronary heart disease (75.5% versus(More)
The associations of Type A or B behavior with age, sex, occupation, education, life needs satisfaction, smoking, and religion were studied. 242 women and 842 men, ages 21 to 64 years, (M age 42 +/- 8 yr.), completed the Bortner scale and rated on a 5-point scale their life needs satisfaction. Information on age, occupation, education, cigarette smoking, and(More)
The parameters of cardiac autonomic function, heart period length and heart period length variability were investigated in 70 patients, 50 males and 20 females, mean age 54.8 +/- 9.6 years, admitted to coronary care unit. There were 15 unstable angina patients, 21 anterior wall infarction patients, 20 posterior wall infarction patients, and 14 non-Q-wave(More)
AIM To assess the relation between predischarge heart rate, heart rate variability, left ventricular ejection fraction, cardiac mortality, and recurrent non-fatal cardiac events in a 2-year follow-up of 95 patients after acute myocardial infarction or unstable angina. METHODS Heart rate and heart rate variability were assessed in various portions of a(More)
We investigated heart rate and heart-rate variability in 82 patients, 60 men and 22 women (M = 54 yr., SD = 9) with acute coronary heart disease and scores on Bortner's scale at hospital admission and discharge. 48 patients were classified by their scores on Bortner's scale as Type A and 34 as Type B. Patients with acute coronary heart disease classified as(More)