David Buján-Carballal

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One of the key objectives of web service technology is to construct processes that enable service providers to interconnect with their clients. The industry has developed the UDDI registry to enable the register of services and to make them available to their users. However, the keyword-based search of UDDI frequently return no results because there is no(More)
So far, Grid information providers basically give functional values about resources, although some of them also provide aggregated information. Therefore, existing Grid information models essentially represent this syntactic information and also propose different taxonomies of resources. Hence, Grid information consumers commonly use functional properties(More)
Lucía Cantamutto Universidad Nacional del Sur Bahía Blanca, Argentina luciacantamutto@gmail.com Josu Bermúdez DeustoTech-INTERNET Deusto Institute of Technology Universidad de Deusto josu.bermudez@deusto.es Joseba Abaitua DELi LinguaMedia Universidad de Deusto joseba.abaitua@deusto.es David Buján DeustoTech-INTERNET Deusto Institute of Technology(More)
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