David Buchtela

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are now being developed in many places. More advanced systems provide also reminder facilities, usually based on if-then rules. In this paper we propose a method how to build the reminder facility directly upon the guideline interchange format (GLIF) model of medical guidelines. The method compares data items on the(More)
Clinical practice guidelines are textual recommendations based on the consensus of medical experts with the aim to solve diagnostic and therapeutic problems. For more advanced use in real medical applications it is necessary to find out mathematical models of physicians' decision-making processes. The acquisition of a formal model from text-based guidelines(More)
Knowledge acquired in medicine is possible to represent by medical guidelines. The most important and nowadays mostly used for formalisation of guidelines is the GLIF (Guideline Interchange Format) model. Final model can be coded in XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Some situations can be modelled only very hard or no ways in a practice use. This paper(More)
Free-text forms of medical guidelines that are used in medical care are often cumbersome and difficult to memorize. Therefore a system that is able to present guidelines in a user-friendly manner has been designed. Guidelines are at first formalized by means of the popular GLIF3 model. Subsequently, the GLIF3 model is coded in XML. The system uses patient(More)
The aim of this article is to present a design of a Medical Knowledge Representation System (MEKRES). The system automatically offers relevant formalized knowledge by extended GLIF (Guidelines Interchange Format) models to participants (patient, physician, operator, ..) on the basis of acquired data. This selection algorithm is based on key attributes and(More)
We present three types of eHealth applications that can enhance quality of clinical decision-making. Formalized electronic medical guidelines are bringing medical knowledge close to clinicians. eHealth tools for evaluation knowledge and competency in a given clinical decision-making problem are demonstrated by systems ExaMe and TECOM. The TECOM system(More)
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