David Buchan

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Nutrient dynamics in wetland ecosystems are largely controlled by soil moisture content. Therefore, the influence of soil moisture content on N mineralization should be explicitly taken into account in hydro-ecological models. The aim of this research was to establish relationships between N mineralization and soil moisture content in loamy to silty(More)
Three cases of intestinal obstruction due to solitary localized ulceration, inflammation and stenosis of the small bowel are described. All three patients had been treated with a pill containing hydrochlorothiazide and an enteric-coated centre of potassium chloride. The occurrence of this lesion in these patients, and in similar cases reported from other(More)
David Buchan and Giacomo Luciani who are among the best independent observers of EU policies cover the first theme. Buchan gives marks to the different policies comparing the EU potential for success on every item with actual performance. While the environmental and the internal market policies score high marks, supply security, nuclear, R&D, efficiency and(More)