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Mobile devices are often expected to perform computational tasks that may be beyond their processing or battery capability. Cloud computing techniques have been proposed as a means to offload a mobile device's computation to more powerful resources. In this paper, we consider the case where powerful computing resources are employed on a vehicle, thus they(More)
RTG-P1 is a transgenic fish cell line producing luciferase under the control of the IFN-induced Mx rainbow trout gene promoter. This cell line was used to measure viraemia of Salmonid alphavirus (SAV), the cause of Salmon Pancreas Disease (SPD), a serious disease in farmed Atlantic salmon. Two SAV genotype 1 (SAV1) isolates were used in this study, F93-125(More)
Simultaneous reports were received between June and July 2007 of wild Atlantic salmon Salmo salar with red, swollen, bloody vents returning to geographically diverse rivers in Scotland. By the end of September the condition, colloquially known as 'red vent syndrome' (RVS), was reported from >50 rivers across Scotland. Fish were generally in good overall(More)
We envision a future where real-time computation on the battlefield provides the tactical advantage to an Army over its adversary. The ability to collect and process large amounts of data to provide actionable information to soldiers will greatly enhance their situational awareness. Our vision is based on the observation that the U.S. Military is attempting(More)
Hydra amphiphiles mimic the morphology of the mythical multi-headed creatures for which they are named. Likewise, when faced with a pathogenic bacterium, some hydra derivatives are as destructive as their fabled counterparts were to their adversaries. This report focuses on eight new tricephalic (triple-headed), single-tailed amphiphiles. Each amphiphile(More)
We study a computation offloading system with multiple cloud resources that can serve as offload targets. In this system, given a computational job, an M-ary decision must be made to select a local or remote (offload) compute resource where the job will be executed. Such a decision is made using estimators that approximate the job's completion time for each(More)
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