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For many applications it is useful to sample from a nite set of objects in accordance with some particular distribution. One approach is to run an ergodic (i.e., irreducible aperiodic) Markov chain whose stationary distribution is the desired distribution on this set; after the Markov chain has run for M steps, with M suuciently large, the distribution(More)
A method is presented that predicts coiled-coil domains in protein sequences by using pairwise residue correlations obtained from a (two-stranded) coiled-coil database of 58,217 amino acid residues. A program called PAIRCOIL implements this method and is significantly better than existing methods at distinguishing coiled coils from alpha-helices that are(More)
We prove that every bounded Lipschitz function F on a subset Y of a length space We also prove the first general uniqueness results for ∆ ∞ u = g on bounded subsets of R n (when g is uniformly continuous and bounded away from 0), and analogous results for bounded length spaces. The proofs rely on a new game-theoretic description of u. Let u ε (x) be the(More)
Although research indicates that intervention programs can reduce overall recidivism rates among juvenile offenders , inadequate attention has been paid to their impact on serious juvenile offenders. This Bulletin describes a meta-analysis that addresses the following questions: Can intervention programs reduce re-cidivism rates among serious delin-quents?(More)
Fgf-8 is a member of the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family that was initially identified as an androgen-inducible growth factor in a mammary carcinoma cell line. Alternative splicing of the primary Fgf-8 transcript results in three messenger RNAs which code for secreted FGF-8 protein isoforms that differ only in their mature amino termini. Fgf-8 RNA is(More)