David Brossard

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The work presented in this paper describes a framework for message level enforcement of - among others - security, QoS and reliability policies. Particular emphasis has been placed on dynamic "just in time" formation of the enforcement action chains based on the context of an individual message and configuration options of the actual framework. The(More)
Currently, business requirements for rapid operational efficiency, customer responsiveness as well as rapid adaptability are driving the need for ever increasing communication and integration capabilities of the software assets. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is generally acknowledged as being a potential solution to expose finely grained pieces of(More)
Service-oriented infrastructures pose new challenges in a number of areas, notably with regard to security and dependability. BT has developed a combination of innovative security solutions and governance frameworks that can address these challenges. They include advances in identity federation; distributed usage and access management; context-aware secure(More)
With enterprise boundaries becoming fuzzier, it’s become clear that businesses need to share resources, expose services, and interact in many different ways. In order to achieve such a distribution in a dynamic, flexible, and secure way, we have designed and implemented a virtual hosting environment (VHE) which aims at integrating business services across(More)
In order to achieve agility of the enterprise and shorter concept-tomarket timescales for new services, IT and communication providers and their customers increasingly use technologies and concepts which come together under the banner of the Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) approach. In this paper we focus on the challenges relating to SOI security.(More)
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