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Electronic portfolios have recently become a focus of serious research from many different quarters. However, there has been little attempt thus far to codify them in any logical method, and there has been no effort directed towards being able to reason about them. There are many possible uses for this, from aiding the user in creating the portfolio to(More)
Mixed initiative systems rely on knowledge both to know when to take the initiative and to be helpful when they have the initiative. Knowledge is usefully applied data and there is a huge amount of data available in computing systems on almost any topic. However, data is not always able to be usefully applied to a particular situation. This can occur(More)
Electronic portfolios are a rapidly growing area of research, primarily in the educational and medical arenas. While existing systems are fairly simplistic, without knowledge of their domain or their users, there are possible applications for enhancing this technology to allow for better user interaction. We outline our current research interests with(More)
In this paper we describe the VOM system we have created for Visualization of Ontology Mapping. It attempts to enable manual ontology mapping by using information visualization techniques to display large ontologies in a clear and understandable way. The main technique we employ is a threedimensional tree based visualization that allows for the selection of(More)
As part of their education, Computer Science students develop hundreds of computer programs and receive only summative feedback on the end results of their program designs and code. We demonstrate a need for a formative feedback mixed-initiative system able to reflect on the progress of students and identify opportunities to prompt students when they(More)
This paper conducts a review of recent work in the field of Semantic Web Services. We start by discussing the large problems in SWS, we then review the major approaches. Next, for each approach we discuss the problem(s) it aims to addresses, main idea of the solution, current status and results, and unresolved problems. Then we present a summary of the(More)
We show that all published visual data processing methods for the simulated robotic soccer so far were not utilizing all available information, because they were mainly based on heuristic considerations. On the other hand, we show that the improved accuracy could result in a significant score gain even for a reasonably good simulated team. Some researchers(More)
We provide a general definition of mixed-initiative for application to the area of computer games. This definition is used to provide a survey of the ways in which mixedinitiative has been applied to games up to this point, and where and how mixed-initiative could be applied to improve the quality of games in the future. The need for algorithmic content(More)