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The morphological similarity of organs is studied with feature vectors based on geometric and Zernike 3D moments. It is particularly investigated if outliers and average models can be identified. For this purpose, the relative proximity to the mean feature vector is defined, principal coordinate and clustering analyses are also performed. To study the(More)
BACKGROUND Radiotherapy (RT) for breast cancer presents a benefit in terms of reducing local recurrence and deaths resulting from breast cancer but it can lead to secondary effects due to the presence of neighboring cardiac normal tissues within the irradiation field. Breast RT has been shown to be associated with long-term increased risk of heart failure,(More)
In the domain of radiation protection it is not always possible to perform an additional examination such as scanners or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for a patient who has been accidentally radiated. However a medical diagnostic must be made as soon as possible to calculate the dosimetric balance. Currently this incidental calculation is based on the(More)
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