David Brock

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We describe the Networked Physical World system, a ubiquitous computing system that integrates the physical world with the virtual world. The instrumentation of non-electronic devices, such as cans of soda and boxes of detergent, with inexpensive, low functionality computing devices enables the virtual world to sense and identify physical objects. The(More)
This paper describes a new statistical, model-based approach to building a contact state observer. The observer uses measurements of the contact force and position, and prior information about the task encoded in a graph, to determine the current location of the robot in the task connguration space. Each node represents what the measurements will look like(More)
Telerobotic and networked robotic systems often encounter significant time delays in relation to their dominant dynamics, which causes well known stability problems. Good control performance can be achieved through task-level control and by allowing the human operator's intelligence to guide complex and unpredictable tasks. Supervisory control techniques(More)
  • Ozgo Tokg6z, David Brock, Research Scientist, Ss, Eng, Thesis Supervisor +1 other
  • 2009
Networked telerobotic systems require the optimum use limited resources with operational efficiency. Providing access to a specific group of users and restricting access to the others during operation along with simulation tools for both training and real-time operation are the basis of this efficiency. A three dimensional virtual environment allowing(More)
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