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We conducted continuous-flow experiments on intact sediment cores from Laguna Madre, Sabine Lake, East Matagorda Bay, and Nueces Estuary to evaluate internal nitrogen (N) sources, sinks, and retention mechanisms in Texas estuaries having different salinities. Mean ammonium (NH ) flux ranged from slight uptake (negative values) 4 to NH production rates of(More)
We describe the Networked Physical World system, a ubiquitous computing system that integrates the physical world with the virtual world. The instrumentation of non-electronic devices, such as cans of soda and boxes of detergent, with inexpensive, low functionality computing devices enables the virtual world to sense and identify physical objects. The(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems occupy an increasingly important role in asset-tracking and inventory management systems. Large silicon vendors now produce RFID systems, lowering costs while increasing supply. RFID systems could become inexpensive and offer enough performance to satisfy a wide range of commercial applications, one day(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Patients with intracerebral hemorrhage and intraventricular hemorrhage have a reported mortality of 50% to 80%. We evaluated a clot lytic treatment strategy for these patients in terms of mortality, ventricular infection, and bleeding safety events, and for its effect on the rate of intraventricular clot lysis. METHODS Forty-eight(More)
David Roshal, DO Camilo Gutierrez, MD David Brock, MD Daniel Kremens, MD, JD CLINICAL PEARL Fibrocartilaginous embolism myelopathy is a stroke syndrome, characterized by rapidly progressive paraplegia (hours to 2–3 days) following an episode of back pain (mostly after a minor trauma).1 CSF studies are normal and MRI shows T2 hyperintensity in the spinal(More)
The aim of this project was to investigate whether combinations of strategies, planning modes and levels of autonomy are associated with superior college effectiveness relative to other combinations of these variables. It was hypothesized that a college pursuing a prospector strategy – with an emphasis on continuously seeking new client segments and/or(More)
This paper describes a new statistical, model-based approach to building a contact state observer. The observer uses measurements of the contact force and position, and prior information about the task encoded in a graph, to determine the current location of the robot in the task con guration space. Each node represents what the measurements will look like(More)
David A Ralston, Carolyn P Egri, Marı́a Teresa de la Garza Carranza, Prem Ramburuth and Jane Terpstra-Tong, Andre A Pekerti, Ilya Girson, Harald Herrig, Marina Dabic, Moureen Tang, Paulina Wan, Philip Hallinger, Ian Palmer, Detelin S Elenkov, Olivier Furrer, Vojko V Potocan, Florian V Wangenheim, Isabelle Maignan, Pamela L Perrewé, Ana Maria Rossi, Tomasz(More)
In this essay we describe the growing importance of professions and the organizations in which they work, and we trace some trends in relevant scholarly research on this topic. We start by noting a dearth of recent publications in leading management and organization journals that address the field of professional organizations and include findings that may(More)