David Boulinguez

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This paper presents an architecture for the navigation of an autonomous mobile robot evolving in an uncertain environment with obstacles. The proposed strategy consists in separating the path planning from the control algorithm. The path planning is done by computing the time optimal collision-free trajectory which takes into account the limitations on the(More)
The goal of this paper is to show that a gaussian approximation can be used to model the global noise in a DS-CDMA system on a 60 GHz frequency band. We show that this approximation can also include the noise due to multipath and to imperfections in power control. The model can then be used as a first step and a reference when designing a communication(More)
In the field of image processing, identifying object is based on appropriately chosen descriptors. The proper choice of descriptors in pattern recognition is the most sensitive criteria as small misjudgments may lead to wrong identification. There have been several algorithms proposed and worked in this field. Here, the idea is to identify the objects in an(More)
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