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Certain of Takabayasi's criticisms of a causal re·interpretation of the quantum theory are answered in detail. It is indicated .how this interpretation can be extended to the Dirac equation, and the problem of the identity of equivalent particles is discussed, for the case of particles that satisfy the Pauli principle. Possible extensions of theory are(More)
In an influential article published in 1982, Bas Van Fraassen developed an argument against causal realism on the basis of an analysis of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations of quantum mechanics. Several philosophers of science and experts in causal inference – including some causal realists like Wesley Salmon – have accepted Van Fraassen’s argument,(More)
The relationship between the physical and the mental has been widely considered under the term "psychosomatic." Here, "psyche" comes from the Greek word, meaning mind or soul and soma means the body . If we generalize soma to mean the physical, the customary usage of the term psychosomatic suggests two different kinds of entities, each separately existent,(More)
We present a spherically symmetric and static exact solution of Quantum Einstein Equations. This solution is asymptotically (for large r) identical with the black hole solution on the anti–De Sitter background and, for some range of values of the mass possesses two horizons. We investigate thermodynamical properties of this solution. PACT number 04.60 Ds(More)
Break the pattern that connects the subject matter and you destroy all quality Gregory Bateson in " Mind and Nature ". Intelligence is what one uses when one does not know what to do. Jean Piaget in " La psychologie de l'intelligence ". Ideas, concepts and theories are the stuff that constituts our reflection, and its reflection has a powerful influence on(More)