David Boehringer

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In this paper, we provide background information on the EC funded Lila Project (" Library of Labs "), describe its goals and purposes, provide some insight into its software design and provide first experiences, made at the University of Stuttgart using the eLearning content deployed by the project. 1. Introduction While traditional eLearning aims at the(More)
Experiments play an important role in the education of undergraduate engineering students as they provide hands-on experience on the foundations of the discipline. Unfortunately, the recent change of the university program in Germany from the Diploma to the Bachelor/Master model had a direct negative impact on the curricula and the course schedules. The(More)
—In this work, we describe the first step towards electronic exams at the University of Stuttgart. The motivation, both driven by students and lecturers, is to offer assessments that are closer to real-life programming by allowing interactive programming and debugging not possible with pen and paper exams. This is in so far important as skills in computer(More)